A Little Black Dress Practical Yet Elegant

Published: 23rd January 2012
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A little black dress is, in fashion-speak, a must. It is said Coco Chanel invented the concept but if she did, numerous other designers have made it a trademark. No matter who coined the phrase, before Chanel reinvented fashion, dresses were anything but little.

Coming out of the Victorian age, even a simple frock was heavy, with both bones and fabrics. They usually covered much of the body and took an enormous amount of corseting to wear well. Madame Chanel, a revolutionary, gave the anatomy of women a break from all that drapery and hard wiring.

The LBD as it is now referred to in the fashion world, reached the pinnacle of chic with Audrey Hepburn. Before that, black was for funerals. After she appeared in a certain movie set in New York, black was no longer relegated to funerals but became the staple of cocktail parties.

The LBD was ignored during the hippie era. Bright colors, flowing fabric and quirky patterns dominated. The seventies were a mix of styles but it was not until the eighties that black became chic again. Black dominated fashion through several decades and is only now showing some letup.

Today, no woman should be without the LBD, an essential in any closet. If you are a woman who eschews fashion and rarely ever wears a dress, even you need to own one LBD. You never know when a funeral, a reunion or a job interview will require you to shed your jeans or cargos and play a role. Nothing will carry you further than a really smartly tailored LBD.

It must fit perfectly. Do not settle for less, especially if it happens to be your only dress. When the occasion or event on your calendar requires some effort, you are set. If you are a woman who hates shopping, all the more reason to hunt down this item so it is ready and waiting for you when the situation calls for it.

Old boyfriends, old enemies or lost loves, the LBD is the bill of goods you will need to make an impression. Buy the best dress you can afford if it is your only one. If you choose the right one, it will go the miles for you. You will wear it for years to come.
If you travel, a LBD is absolutely necessary. Even if your tour is more about hiking, sight-seeing or bicycling, there will come a time when you want to go to a good restaurant or a cultural event; a time when you want to impress. That LBD in your suitcase, taking up only a small space, will be your saving grace.

If you are a woman who loves to shop, has a versatile and extensive wardrobe, you are probably good to go. Your only concern is that your LBD is in good repair and in style. You will need to make sure the fit is still perfect, the hemline au courant and the fabric pristine.

A little black dress is a twentieth-century icon. Do not discount its significance and the ease and convenience it will bring to your life. It goes without saying, it will make you look sleek. Dress it up, dress it down, wear it with heels, flats or boots, fine jewelry, costume jewelry or none at all. Just make sure it is in your closet, clean and in good working order. This is one fashion dictate that no woman should ignore

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